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Intelekta and LS Retail, strategic agreement for the retail sector

LS Retail, the software for the retail sector that has already been chosen by more than 2,300 companies, managing more than 80,000 points of sale around the world.

This new collaboration allows Intelekta o provide added value to its products and customers by specializing in technological solutions for the retail sector.

Can you imagine a business management software for retailthat is simple, with a competitive price and that gives you a 360º view of your business? Look no further, we have the answer!

In this blog post we will talk about the between new agreement Intelektawith LS Retail, Intel and LS Retail, the world’s leading retail solution.

Manage your entire business from a single platform

LS Retail is the ideal management software for the retail industry as it covers all areas and departments, from the points of sale to the BackOffice, both in stores with a single point of sale and in chains where greater control is required and centralization of information.

Retail management software with Intelekta and LS Retail
Manage your entire business from a single platform with LS Retail

Developed based on the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central (o Navision as it is known to many users) from Microsoft, It is a versatile solution that is perfectly adapted to the different needs of retailers in all sectors (food, electronics, fashion, restaurants, service stations, etc.). In addition, its intuitive and simple interface allows the user to enjoy a total integration of the information and to work comfortably and effectively in each of the areas or departments.

A software with 100% Microsoft technology

Quality solutions imply innovative and quality technology. LS Retail has become a strategic partner of Microsoft in retail solutions, being recognized as Inner Circle Microsoft Dynamics , for 12 consecutive years, with the highest quality distinctions in both technology and service.

Currently, the retail industry is experiencing a time of change and transformation of its business models. One of the factors that has accelerated these changes has been the global COVID pandemic, where many businesses have had to readjust with little room for planning. One of the most outstanding characteristics of LS Retail is the fact of being able to have a ERP for your business without complexities and at a competitive price . You don’t have to invest heavily in resources, time, and money to have business management software like this one.

Next, we name some of the advantage highlights of working with LS Retail software:

  • Flexibility, works in any type of scenario.
  • Scalability both locally and globally. Start growing your business.
  • 100% integrated solutions with Microsoft technology.
  • It reduces operating costs, improves management and centralizes processes.
  • All-in-one platform, with present and future technology (Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, etc.).

Intelekta and LS Retail, a safe bet

At Intelekta we work every day to provide our clients with cutting-edge technological solutions that promote innovation, collaboration and communication in the field of organizations. The experience and knowledge of both our team and our partners is a key factor in facing the new challenges and needs that may arise.

Therefore, for us this new alliance is an opportunity that, without a doubt, provides us with differential value by being able to specialize in the retail sector and offer quality solutions to both small and medium-sized companies and large multinationals.

In a world where markets, organizations and technologies live in constant change, we believe that it is essential to accompany our clients during their digital transformation and add value by providing them with new knowledge that increases their knowledge and value proposition in their organization.

To know a little more about LS Retail

LS Retail is a provider of unified software solutions for retail, hospitality, pharmacies and service stations of all sizes. With a presence in 140 countries, a management of more than 80,000 points of sale around the world and an experience of more than 30 years, it is currently Microsoft’s leading partner in retail technology solutions. LS has a chain of partners both locally and globally, joining synergies to offer its services and go further.

Learn more about LS Retail at